• Technical assistance for the optimization of designs, making recommendations regarding: PCB design, paneling, distribution of components, steps and preformed, which result in greater product reliability and lower costs for the customer. We use our experience in the assembly of hundreds of different models for the benefit of your product.
  • Make the customer the purchase and storage of electronic components and keep track of their stocks, thus supporting an efficient logistics management.
  • High production capacity through three complete SMD lines, which allow the simultaneous production of several models, with the versatility to suit products ranging from pre-series series few units to several thousand units. The manufacturing range extends from simple circuits in conventional assembly to complex SMT models in high-density double-sided.
  • Perform quality control testing according to the parameters set by the client, employing test banks designed and configured as needed.

General conditions for service provision

To make a purchase management efficient electronic components (if required by the client), a montage productive performance verification effective (if requested) and a timely delivery, ALCOELECTRO SL requires compliance with the following requirements by the customer:

  • Delivery of the list of components (BOM) specifying amounts, complete codes, preferred brands (if any)
  • Delivery of materials segregated at optimal quality with its corresponding delivery note
  • Complete documentation of the circuit (Gerber files) or programming coordinates Pick & place, openings for the stencil screen, topographic, and special specifications (if required).
  • Full Protocol or functional electrical test.

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